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The first line of connected rings that let you put your phone away and your mind at ease.

woman trying on ring

Ringly, the an internet company created the fashionable ring that notifies you about:

  • APPS

These are crafted with an 18K matte gold plated setting and precious and semi-precious stones. Available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.

You can even Customize it with 4 different vibrations & colors.

During work hours, on a Date, at Gym Class, etc.

These Ringly rings can notify you when your next meeting is in 15mins, when a certain phone number is calling, or update you on an email or text message, All done Discreetly & Fashionably!

Too cool, I want one!

All you do is Connect, Download the app, & Connect your ring using iOS + Android.

However, These rings aren’t cheap, ranging from $195 – $260, But technology for Women or Anyone who wants to be Fashionable and Tech Savy, is definitely here, WOW!


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