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Hope no one is fighting to figure out what to get their significant other for Valentine’s Day today.  With the lover’s holiday in full swing, it’s time to see where H-Town ranks on a list of most and least romantic cities in the country.

Crafted by Instacart, the poll gauged a list of 12 “universally romantic terms” such as chocolate, flowers, valentine, dessert, roses, valentine and hearts to determine what cities were the best at pitching woo — and who was trash at it.

Last year, Houston came in at eighth on the list, trailing behind New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Seattle and Boston. By comparison, Austin came in at the sixth least romantic city according to this. This year, Houston’s slacked hard on love. Our beloved H-Town became the eighth LEAST romantic city.

“We thought we had a problem, and we were right. Houston barely squeaked onto our Most Romantic Cities list in 2017,” Instacart wrote. “This year, it tumbled a little further and kicks off our 2018 Least Romantic Cities list. Give love a chance, Houston!”

By comparison, San Antonio is more romantic than us. Austin, a city that was among the least romantic in 2017 is full-blown all in love this year. Atlanta even stepped its love game up, moving from fifth least romantic in 2017 to second most romantic in 2018. All isn’t bad. The least romantic city in the U.S., according to Instacart? Indianapolis.

Read the full list HERE.

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