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My emotions have been all over the place for the past two weeks. There’s this highly popular youtube show called “The Queen’s Court” that has been trending in the urban community, because it’s falling to pieces just as fast as it rose to fame. Hosts Khia and TS Madison have made headlines (over the past year) for their loud and outlandish commentary on what’s happening in the lives of celebrities. But now, they’re at odds WITH EACH OTHER and can’t seem to put their disagreements to the side for the love of the show. “The Queen’s Court” is that one thing that I need to watch every week in order to survive. How am I going to live without it!??

PS: Khia just announced that she will be hosting a new show titled “Gag Order” starting this Monday night. With the similarities of the two show names….it sounds a lot like shade, if you ask me!

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