Adele Live 2016 In Mexico City

Source: Victor Chavez / Getty

With SXSW hitting Austin in less than two weeks, it’s time to take a look at some of your favorite artists BEFORE they were famous on the SXSW stage.

Adele is no stranger to large crowds. The global superstar has since become one of the biggest stars in recording history but back in 2007, she was a talented British singer without much fanfare. When she performed with her XL label mate Jack Penate for “My Yvonne,” it was to a nearly empty audience in a hotel room.

“I’d only just signed my record deal, but I put it up on my MySpace when I had about 300 friends and literally like three or four people came to watch me and they were drunk,” she said in a 2009 radio interview. Luckily, I doubt she’d have that same trouble now.

Watch the clip of “My Yvonne” below and reminisce on Adele’s early rise 11 years ago.

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