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I had the time of my life at “Dancing With The Houston Stars” last night. Thank you to everybody who came through to root for me and special thanks to everyone who donated to #TeamDiamond. We raised $2400 for Urban Souls Dance Company!!! Thank you to Artistic Director Harrison Guy for even asking me to be apart of this year’s amazing cast! Ya’ll made me feel like a superstar.

A lot went down behind the scenes. I was the jokester and trash-talker of the group. I don’t know if it was done purposely, but it was so ironic how I was THE ONLY ONE who didn’t have a chair in my dressing room. (Rolling my eyes). My heart says that Jonathan Martin (FOX26) and KG Smooth (Majic 102.1) did it, but we won’t make any assumptions here. Lol

In between contestants changing in the hallways and stretching (in preparation for our routines), there was a huge camera crew from Oprah’s OWN Network running back & forth, dressed in headsets, walkie-talkies and all black. Pastor John Gray’s wife, Aventer (of Lakewood Church) was one of the competitors, so their show “The Book of John Gray” was documenting her journey in the competition.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous. I was more-so anxious to get it over with. If I was going to f*** up midway through the routine, I wanted to do it and recover like a champ. Thank goodness there weren’t any big fumbles during my set. Both the crowd and the judges loved me and my partner so much that we got the first 10 of the night!!!

The real winners were Jolanda Jones, KG Smooth & Jonathan Martin. Major props to ya’ll. Great job to everyone who stepped out of their comfort zone and participated in this effort to raise money for a great cause. Malorie Bailey, Ashley Dunn, Marlon Hall, Kachelle Kelly, and Ivy Davis Levingston: ya’ll did the damn thang!

One of my favorite parts was goofing off behind the curtains. We had a mini dance-off featuring the cast that was standing on Stage Right vs. the cast that was standing on Stage Left. Stage Left (composed of me, KG and our partners) won! Lol

If you ever get asked to be apart of this initiative, in future years to come….DO IT! I feel like I’m a part of a family now. It’s a moment that I will cherish forever. You get the opportunity to do something challenging and simultaneously help out our community. In the end, it leaves you feeling like you accomplished something. If you can dance with the Houston stars…you can do ANYTHING!

[Full Performance Video coming soon;-] Stay tuned and “Never Let Someone Steal Your Shine”

Love, Amir Diamond.

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