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Over the weekend, I met some new friends at Velvet Taco. Normally, race wouldn’t matter…but for this story’s purpose…it does. I don’t know how we got on this subject, but two white couples asked me to help them understand what “Black Twitter” is. They wanted to be more of the culture. LOL If you’re a lil bit lost too, I put together some FAQ’s that may help you get a better hold of it. Thank me later.

Is “Black Twitter” an app? No. It’s a feed of funny tweets (written by African Americans) on the regular twitter app. Typically, the tweet is composed of a meme that pokes fun of a hot topic. It can also be some random s*** with a caption that often times gets a little too close to the line of being offensive. But that’s where your sense of humor has to kick in.

What time does “Black Twitter” start? It’s a 24-7 type of thing. Whenever the urban community is in the mood to start cracking jokes. You’ll notice the most action happens during events like award shows or when something STUPID happens in the news.

Can people of other races join “Black Twitter?” Of course! It’s open to everyone. An easy way to begin is to search the hashtag #BlackTwitter, find the posts that make you laugh the most and follow those accounts. You’re officially apart of the in-crowd once you do that. If you catch yourself laughing more or saying “this is outrageous,” then you have found “Black Twitter!” LOL Congratulations. Have fun. And don’t take life so seriously.

Love, Amir.

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