Since the passing of Tim Bergling otherwise known as the DJ/Producer Avicii, I’ve had some time to reflect and really think of how much his music meant to the world.

I got to sit down with Local Houston TV station CW 39 to talk about Avicii first and only Houston performance January 19, 2012.


I was honored to be asked by Avicii’s management At Night to open for him at Stereo Live. The event was called House For Hunger where they were raising One Million dollars to help fight hunger through the non-profit organization Feeding America.

Avicii House For Hunger

Meeting Tim for the first time was great.  As he came up to the stage, he was ducking so that nobody could see him but was all smiles.  He was in great spirits and once the lights came on and he rose up to the decks, the crowd erupted.  The show was amazing and I’ll never forget hearing him play “Fade Into Darkness”.  Girls tried to jump up on stage, he was truly EDM’s first true Rock Star.

In 2013 and 2014, I had the honor to play at the Avicii Hotel in Miami during the Ultra Music Festival


That year at Ultra Music Festival, we were introduced to “Wake Me Up”.

I still remember watching that live at Ultra with the crowd.  The song was so different, it took many by surprise.  How could you mix a country sounding song with EDM? Some people even boo’d.  However, it showed the progression as a producer and artist always thinking outside of the box and norms of that time.


The next year, Avicii management moved his Avicii Hotel brand to the new SLS Hotel in South Beach.

Unfortunately in 2014, that was when Tim Bergling was not able to fly to Miami because of his first bout with Pancreatitis due to his rigorous touring schedule and lifestyle.  I wasn’t able to play with him that year.

Avicii, was a Global Brand at this point and his music was legendary.  Sure there were other EDM producers like a David Guetta.  However, Avicii was the first EDM artist to bring that style of dance music to the mainstream with “Levels”.  He was the first EDM artist to bring on the Ultra Stage a superstar artist in Madonna.  He did so many firsts in the genre.

There were many nights when I was working on music and remixes where I would draw inspiration from Avicii. I still have his plaque for “Wake Me Up” hanging over my studio work station  He was responsible for so many careers. You wouldn’t have a Kygo if it wasn’t for Tim.

Avicii Riddler

I paid tribute to Avicii in my latest Riddler’s Revolution Podcast.  Check it out here or go on iTunes and just do a keyword search : Riddler’s Revolution or click here.

We will miss you Tim but you will never be forgotten.


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