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DISCLAIMER: I am not a Marvel super-fan and have little knowledge about Marvel Comics and the background of the characters in this movie.  This is a review for all the wives, girlfriends or friends who are tagging along for fun and wondering if it’s worth it. If you would like a review from an actual Marvel fan, keep scrolling for my friend’s review that saw the movie with me.

Avengers: Infinity War

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To answer your question, YES. Go see the movie, it is definitely worth it – even if you haven’t seen previous Marvel films or have little to no knowledge of Marvel characters. When I saw that this movie’s run time was 2h 40m, I was contemplating skipping it, only because I knew I would be confused the whole time and being confused for almost 3 hours isn’t my idea of fun. Growing up with an older brother who LOVED comics, all of the names and characters in the film were very familiar to me, but having never read those comics or seen any other Marvel movie (besides Black Panther) before this one, I was pretty hazy on the background of each character and their special talents. Thankfully, this didn’t hinder my ability to follow along with the film and it had no effect on my understanding of the plot. Side note – the amount of attractive men in this movie is enough for me to buy a ticket and see it again.

The action drew me in from the very beginning, and it continued throughout the entire film. This kept the movie exciting, and kept me on the edge of my seat. Ladies, it’s not all action. There were quite a few emotional moments which surprised me. From true love to a showcase of true friendship, my heart strings were definitely being tugged at. The subtle comedy in this film had to be what I loved the most, no question that you will be laughing your way through the movie as well. I will say this, Avengers: Infinity War made me want to binge watch all the Marvel films to really understand each character. From knowing nothing, to now having a small piece of the puzzle figured out, I truly would love to understand how they got to this point in the story. Even if you don’t have an appreciation for Marvel, and you are only in the audience to support someone else, appreciate the amazing costume, makeup and special effects team because they KILLED it. My biggest area of confusion would have to be trying to keep all the names straight, especially since each character goes by two different names (and sometimes even nicknames). I suggest looking up the character list on to familiarize yourself before heading to the theater. Other than that, it was easy to follow along with and even if you are like me and have never seen any of the other Avengers/Marvel movies, you will still enjoy this one.


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by Kevin Rawls, Radio One Houston Promotions Assistant

“This was by far one of the BEST Marvel films I have ever seen! I have literally been waiting to see this film for…well an INFINITY! For starters, I consider myself a pretty avid Marvel fan, but I must say I still feel like I’m missing some key knowledge from the Marvel Universe. I’ve watched all the Avenger movies and the movies leading up to this, except for the new Spider-man and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I didn’t succeed in watching either before seeing Infinity War, but that didn’t affect my experience watching it at all.

They didn’t waste ANY TIME getting into the action from the start of the movie, it was pure suspense and thrill! I had many expectations going into this, and a lot of them weren’t met. There were some people that were supposed to die (at least that’s what I heard) but they didn’t! PLUS, after reading and watching all the Easter Eggs online about where the soul stone was located, it wasn’t in any of the places that it was rumored to be in!

As far as emotion goes, it had all the feels. It was a tear-jerker for sure! I would highly recommend bringing the tissues! Get the snacks and drinks beforehand because it’s a 2 hour and 40 minute awesome-fest! I was motionless the entire time and it felt like 45 minutes went by! As usual, YOU MUST STAY UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS ROLL! That’s super important! I give this movie a 9/10!”


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