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NSYNC Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Monday, the boy band reunion to end all boy band reunions (until 1D get back together) happened as all five members of  *NSYNC from Justin Timberlake to Lance BassJC ChasezJoey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick reunited to be inducted for their Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

JC kind of looks as if he just got done auditioning for Loki in Infinity War but the rest of the guys look pretty good! And there were cameos such as Carson Daly and Ellen DeGeneres while each member of the group shared their gratitude and thanks for being part of the iconic group.

“I’m going to sound like a broken record, but for all of you who came from far and wide to be able to share this moment with us, thank you,” Timberlake told the audience as the last member to take the stand. “These four guys mean so much to me. We’re really a family.”

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