Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

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Social media has a bad habit of flooding you with content, a lot of which you don’t really care about. Instagram may be the worst of them all with its algorithm driven posts. Your friends may be foodies and hit you with a full-on scroll of plates and sandwiches and hashtags of living their best life. Thankfully, Instagram has finally introduced a way to curate what you see on your feed, without having to really upset your friends or co-workers.

The new mute feature on the app is rather easy to use. It’ll also help you dodge those tricky moments of “did you mute me?” because unlike screenshots, nobody is informed of when they get muted. Here’s how you do it: click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of a post from someone you’d like to leave out of your feed. You can mute their posts, or both their posts and their stories.

If you’d rather just mute their stories (and save yourself the FOMO), you have to go to their actual profile and do it from there. You can still view posts from their profile but they won’t appear when you’re scrolling through the timeline. Has it been added to the Android or desktop versions? Not yet but I’m sure there’ll be an announcement coming down the line.

Hey, sometimes taking a break from somebody on the ‘gram is healthy.

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