This is one of those stories you start to laugh at before realizing ain’t sh*t funny, especially if you’re the alleged victim. If you haven’t heard, a plastic surgeon in Georgia has been shaking what her mama gave her while operating on patients—”allegedly.” According to TMZ, she’s been sued several times over the past few months after snitching on herself via multiple online clips she posted. It seems one patient of Dr. Windell Davis Boutte’s even suffered from brain surgery.

From TMZ: “A lot of the videos were reportedly used as evidence in the malpractice suits — and it sure looks like Dr. Boutte was getting her boogie on while cutting patients open. One malpractice case allegedly left one woman, Icilma Cornelius, with permanent brain damage. According to reports of the lawsuit the woman’s son filed against Boutte, the doc allegedly had to call an ambulance after Cornelius suffered heart failure during a tummy tuck surgery since she didn’t have the proper equipment to deal with the emergency at her practice. Before paramedics could rush her away, Boutte is accused of needing to stitch Cornelius’ skin back together to avoid the infecting the wounds, delaying transport. Not only that, but the son claims her office’s elevator couldn’t fit the stretcher, and his mom had to be carried down.”

Cornelius’ son says that his mom was diagnosed with permanent brain damage after what she went through and will require lifelong care. Press play on the TMZ clip up top…you will not believe your eyes.


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