If you’re around Snoop Dogg long enough, changes are you’re getting a “how I got high” story. It’s the same with Willie Nelson. Be around a legendary stoner long enough, you’re getting first-hand or second hand high. Add Matthew McConaughey to the list.

The Oscar winner is set to star in Beach Bum with Snoop and revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that well — he too, got high with Snoop.

“He snooped me,” McConaughey said. “My particular snooping was all recorded on camera, and I’m not quite sure what we did that night.” As the story goes, McConaughey went to go smoke some prop weed since there’s a scene where he fights writer’s block with the weed but Snoop had slyly swapped out the fake weed for the real stuff. “The next nine hours were a lot of fun, but I don’t believe we used a word in the English language,” he says.

Let it be a lesson folks, don’t fake any weed around Snoop. He already knows what is good and what isn’t.

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