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Camila Cabello makes her Rolling Stone cover debut for a feature that chronicles the 21-year-old pop singer’s rise from Fifth Harmony to her own solo success. It’s a candid reveal that opens up on her friendship with Taylor Swift, recording her own music and more.

On meeting Taylor Swift (through mutual friend Hailee Steinfeld) after a breakup

“She sent me a breakup playlist and said, ‘Come over. Let’s talk about it,’…I think the Haim girls were there. It was, like, a girls-night thing.”

On her contributions to Fifth Harmony

According to the interview, Cabello sung about 45 percent of the lyrics in Fifth Harmony songs.

On living with her parents

For all her parents have done for her, she still lives with them. She recently bought them a house in Miami.

On leaving Fifth Harmony< after it was implied that “continuing to pursue a solo career was not compatible with being in the group”

“I don’t think there was ever a point where I was like, ‘I want to leave because I’m the breakout star.’ We were just really young. If we were in the same situation now, it would probably be fine for everyone to make their own music while being in the group, because I think everyone understands now that you can’t limit people. That’s why people break free.”

On “Havana” breaking out

“Nobody wanted to make it a single,” she says. “They said that radio would never play it, that it was too slow, too chill….It just taught me a huge lesson: Screw whatever’s ‘going to work’ – you just have to go with the thing that you feel is the most you.”

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