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Global Producer/DJ – EDX stops to talk with Gabriella Garza for Radio Now before his sold out show at Clé Houston.

Gabriella : Hi welcome to Houston, Hi how are you?

EDX: Hi How are you Gabriella?

G: You excited to be here tonight?

EDX: Absolutely! Texas is always so much fun and it’s good to be back in Houston!

G: We’re excited to have you. Houston’s always a fun crowd.  You have so many fans from around the world, how do you respond to that?

EDX: Well you know with some great music, good sets, and I’m always very thankful of everything that is happening just because of the music.

G: What message or experience do you want for people to take away from your shows?

EDX: Well you know I always want people to get together and spend the night together, go home with good spirits. Mostly, my most important thing is people are happy on the dancefloor and I’m trying to make them dance.

G: You have your songs “Anthem” and “Jaded” climbing up the charts. What do you like most about creating original music, who do you collab with and how do you choose all that? What’s your process?

EDX: Well I’ve been doing music since 1997 so it’s like over two decades and the journey has been amazing. I’m always just trying to make music that I like, music that makes people  happy. It’s always important for me to have the certain special vibe and I’m always trying to get ahead of the market so sometimes my tracks don’t do really that well right away but after a few months, everything starts to pick up and the music turns toward my music. “Anthem” is out now and “Jaded” came out a few weeks back. I’m making some new remixes and a lot more music coming this year and this summer.

G: You have some big remixes like the Charlie Puth remix and the Janelle Monae those are songs of the summer. How do you go about picking songs to remix?

EDX: You know it’s always strategy. I’ve been working at the start of the year with targets that we have.  I think it’s important that I have the feeling that I can do something better and I can do a remix that can make a difference. I’m trying to pick great vocals and great songs.  Sometime I go for instrumentals if there is a special chord progression like a melody that sticks in my head and I feel like I can add a chord progression to it and make it like a little bit bigger, than that’s the track I’m going to pick.

G: Who’s some artists you’d like to collab with in the future?

EDX: Collaborations.. Well I haven’t done many collaborations in my two decades and I’m always trying to share my own music. But when I do remixes, I look at them like collaborations because I’m very influenced by someone else composition and I add my stuff and then it become something together like a marriage.  On the Collab end, there’s a lot of great singers out there that I’d love to collab with. There’s like some old ones and some fresher new ones. It wouldn’t be just right to pick just one.

G: EDM has been taking off in the US that past couple of years. It’s been big in Europe forever and a really long time.  Do you think past influences incorporated now plays a big part of that because it is like a past, present, future. Do you think the past plays a big role in it as well.

EDX: Well it’s always in cycles. Cycles of Music always comes back. I can definitely see different genres that were big 20 years back  or 10 years ago that could be big now or going to big soon.  It’s something great especially because this is happening in a completely different world.  When electronic music started to kind of pop up in Europe, there was no social media, there was no internet, no Instagram, no Facebook. There was no downloads, so it’s now a completely new thing you know. Even if the sounds are the same from 25 years but it still comes back with a completely different twist. It’s a very interesting time.

G: What’s the quote or model that you live by?

EDX: I think life is important to be happy whatever you do and to always make sure you have a solution.

G: Happiness is here and I think Music is a great medicine for the world.

EDX: Absolutely, I was listening to music on the flight here and it was just so relaxing.

More about EDX

Over the past few years, EDX a.k.a. Maurizio Colella has made a name for himself in the international EDM scene, headlining the world’s finest clubs and festivals to crowds in excess of 60,000 – from Miami to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Taipei, all the way to Sydney.

The chart topping Switzerland-based DJ/Producer has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Axwell, Benny Benassi, Kelis, Deadmau5, Armand Van Helden, Bob Sinclar, Kool & The Gang, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angello, Dubfire and many others. His remixes have been consistently featured on various DJ charts such as the DMC Buzz, Cool Cuts and Beatport and was even ranked in the TOP 3 of Beatport’s Best Progressive House Artist alongside Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz.

His involvement in the music industry began at an early age, but it is his consistent work that has made EDX an exemplary success story. He launched his weekly radio show ‘No Xcuses’ on SIRIUS XM’s Electric Area Channel and spent summer 2011 holding a residency at the world’s number one nightclub – Space, Ibiza. EDX has continued his success into 2012 with the release of his debut album, ‘On The Edge’. He has spent about 2 years working tirelessly to create this 14 track magnum opus featuring some of the most incredible vocalists in the genre; including platinum selling artist Nadia Ali, Sarah McLeod, Tamra Keenan, Hadley, Sam Obernik, John Williams and Jerique. ‘On The Edge’ has already resulted in the hit single “Give It Up For Love” feat. John Williams and future anthem “This Is Your Life” with Nadia Ali. With ‘On The Edge,’ EDX’s musical vision finally came to fruition, yet he still aspires to evolve as an artist and further his already prolific career.

In 2013, EDX has manifested new dimensions in his production without diminishing the strong connection to his roots. In his collaboration with Leventina for their track “The Sun,” and their remix of Helvetic Nerds’ “Blood Pressure,” EDX brought out a more clubby style that was widely supported by some of the most esteemed artists in the industry: David Guetta, Afrojack, and Avicii, among many others. In the midst of his work with Leventina, he pleased new and old fans alike by revitalizing the classic EDX progressive sound on songs such as “Sunset Miracles”(Spinnin’), “Touched”(Toolroom), and “Blessed”(Toolroom). Additionally, his most recent offering out on his own Pinkstar Records label, “Hazed,” has led him to explore sonic frontiers fit for the new age of dance music.

Moving into the tail end of Summer, he will be releasing his highly-anticipated “Acapulco At Night” remix of Cazzette’s “Weapon” and his “Belo Horizonte At Night” remix of Calvin Harris’ “Thinking About You” featuring Ayah Marar. It’s been made clear that EDX has a bright future ahead of him and will continue to reach and impress the most demanding audiences around the world.

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