Robert Downey Jr. AKA Iron Man AKA Tony Stark is NOT one to mess with, as one reporter learned when the actor WALKED OUT of possibly the most AWKWARD interview EVER.

Robert Downey Jr Has Walked Out Of An Interview With Channel 4 News

He sat down with British reporter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy to promote the new Avengers movie, and the first 4 minutes of the interview went just fine. But then, things took a turn for the suuuuuuper awkward when the questions turned from his movies to his “checkered past.”

Downey answered a couple of the tense questions as professionally as he could, before he finally got fed up and WALKED OUT, but not before dissing his interviewer.

Get ready for the most awkward couple of minutes you’ll see all day…


Here’s the FULL INTERVIEW from Channel 4 News (Note: Things start getting REALLLLLLY awkward around the 6 minute mark):

Yikes, I feel awkward FOR the guy, and I wasn’t even there…

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