REQUEST & CONTEST LINE: (713) 572-0921

KROI ~ 92.1 RADIO NOW Houston
24 Greenway Plaza Suite 900 Houston, TX 77046

Main Office: (713) 623-2108

92.1 RADIO NOW Sales & Advertising:  (Please no soliciting or Music Submissions)
If you are looking to advertise on 92.1 RADIO NOW contact us below:
Local Sales Manager: Wayne Jones
Office Phone: (713) 300-5812

Digital Sales Manager: Avery Green

92.1 RADIO NOW Programming:
If you have a question about the Music or Programming at 92.1 RADIO NOW contact:
Operations Manager/ Program Director: Terri Thomas
Music Director: DJ Riddler
Office Phone: (713) 623-2108

92.1 RADIO NOW Promotions:
If you have a question about Marketing and Promotions at 92.1 RADIO NOW contact:
Marketing and Promotions Director:  Jonathan Cook
Office Phone: (713) 623-2108
Office Fax: (713) 300-5764 Web Content:
Online Editor: Brandon Caldwell
Office Phone: (713) 300-5853

92.1 RADIO NOW Engineering Department:
Chief Engineer: David Ainslie
Assistant Chief Engineer: Cedric Hunter
Office Phone: (713) 623-2108
Office Fax: (713) 300-5790

92.1 RADIO NOW Business Department:
Vice President / General Manager: Pam McKay
Office Phone: (713) 623-2108
Business Manager: Barbara Wilson
Office Phone: (972) 331-5406

92.1 RADIO NOW Employment:
If you’d like more information regarding Radio One employment,
go to

Corporate Office
Urban One
1010 Wayne Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Office Phone: (301) 429-3200

FCC Public File Contact: