1. George San Miguel

George San Miguel may have the GOAT Be Someone Tattoo — because you can’t look at him without spotting it on his head!

2. Paul Wall’s Be Someone Tattoo

Paul Wall decided to get the BE SOMEONE tattooed on his chest, right where a Rockets logo is found underneath.

3. Be Someone Forearm Piece

If you spot a Be Someone, a Rockets/Astros/Texans/Oilers tattoo can’t be too far behind.

4. Be Someone Skyline Piece

Chest pieces are usually dope but this one is SUPER dope.

5. Be Someone In City Lights

Self-explanatory FIRE.

6. Be Someone In Space City

The city lit up with the Be Someone In The sky? Oh yeah!

7. Be Someone Classic

Black & white simplicity

8. Be Someone H-Town

The city now. The city forever.

9. Be Someone World Series Style

Days after the Astros clinched their first World Series title, somebody got the Be Someone in Blue & Orange.