Twitter suspends thousands of accounts for pro-terrorism and violence contents

Twitter continues to be a place of wonder, but one thing is for sure–once the people of get ahold of a joke, it’s not dying any time soon. The latest joke to monopolize all of twitter is the “first of all” formula, which if you have’t seen….it probably means you don’t have an account. Don’t worry, it’ll come to Facebook next month.

The jokes are flying and they’re all at the expense of…well, pretty much everyone. The “first of all” joke is the perfect way to subtweet somebody in your life all while making everyone else on the timeline nod their head agreeing.

Take a look at some of the funniest “first of all” tweets and take solace in the fact that everyone is going through the same struggles as you. Take a quick break on this Monday to read some of the funniest “first of all” jokes that the people of Twitter have to offer

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