Mother’s Day is usually the time of the year where every celebrity credits their mom (or the women in their lives who are mothers) with helping them reach a certain point. You know it, I know it. In fact, after any celeb wins an award, who do they thank after the man above? That’s right, MOM!

On Sunday (May 12), celebrities took to social media to love on mom for the world to see. Kevin Jonas highlighted his wife and their two beautiful kids, Rihanna saluted mom’s all around the world while Kris Jenner gave props to the women in the Kardashian-Jenner family who are moms!

Even Nick Jonas and Vanessa Hudgens got in on the Mother’s Day act not by sharing sweet doting messages but highlighting how goofy and fun their mothers can be with Snapchat filters.

For moms such as Cardi B and Kehlani, celebrating their first Mother’s Day was extra sweet and special! See how your favorite celebrity took time for Mom on this Mother’s Day 2019.

2. Sofia Carson

5. Kehlani

16. Ellen DeGeneres