A Trump supporter was stabbed in his throat after an argument went bad last week. According to our report, two men started talking politics at a bar in Pasco, Washington when things got heated. Read some of the internet’s reactions here.

The Internet Had The Pettiest Reactions To A Trump Supporter Being Stabbedย was originally published on globalgrind.com

1. Classic Hillary shade-throwing face for the win.

2. Squidward knows best.

3. Welp.

4. Jk, Jk.

5. Ainโ€™t he, though.

6. Joanne speaks.

7. Seinfeld Shrug.

8. This was probably Donald Trumpโ€™s real reaction to the stabbing news.

9. Walks in the โ€œMake racist afraid againโ€ party likeโ€ฆ

10. That moment when you feel bad that someone was hurt, but then hear heโ€™s a flaming racist who needed to learn a lesson.