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    On-Air Laura

    Laura has been in radio for almost 10 years, starting in Boston, moving to Phoenix and then landing here in Houston for your drive home on the all new 92.1 Radio Now! When she isn’t exploring the endless restaurant options in the city or grabbing a drink with the guys and catching a sports game on TV, you can always find her out and about, dancing the night away.

    Discovering new music is one of her passions, and her favorite place in the world will always be at a concert. You’ll find her YouTube history is full of makeup tutorials, and Laura is always looking for a reason to get dressed up and play with sparkles. She is addicted to coffee, which explains her constant energy and bubbly personality and spends way too much money on both trips to the mall to feed her fashion addiction and spontaneous trips around the globe.

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    Amir Diamond

    Amir Diamond is an Actor & Media Personality who was raised in the city of Houston. His passion for music and radio grew after watching both of his parents flourish with successful careers in the entertainment industry. He is the son of Kandi Eastman “The Only Kandi Mom Wants You To Have” (KMJQ-FM) and MC Spice (best known for his production on “The Wendy Williams Experience”), but has grasped the hearts of his own following with his captivating conversations and positive personality. Amir Diamond is a Broadcast Journalism Graduate from the University of Houston and prides himself in being a mentor for the younger generation. “My dream is to inspire people, entertain, encourage and inform.” While at UH, Diamond hosted his own internet show which lead him to secure brand endorsement deals with Neurodrinks & Houston Area Chevy Dealers (before he was even awarded his Bachelor’s Degree)! Amir started his radio career in 2011 with 97.9 The Box (KBXX-FM) and has gained notoriety for his engaging interviews with celebrities like Nick Jonas, Big Sean and more. Cool Fact: His hard work ethic was the inspiration behind Beyoncé nicknaming him “The Hustler.” Get lit with A. Diamond weekdays 7pm-Midnight on the new 92.1 Radio Now. Follow Amir on Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter: @TheAmirDiamond – Never Let Someone Steal Your Shine!”