Community Request Guidelines


KROI RadioNow Houston strives to provide support and assistance to a wide range of community organizations and events each year. We are pleased to support community efforts by making appearances to your event.

Every year we continue to support organizations and programs that help youth and adults establish life goals; encourage positive character building choices; teach life skills; and demonstrate respect, tolerance and appreciation of diversity.

Throughout the year, we receive an overwhelming number of appearance requests from across the city. Although we would like to be able to fulfill each and every request, we are only able to satisfy requests based on our availability.

The following guidelines are designed to help you craft your request and facilitate the review process.

All requests must:

  1. Be sent in writing on the organizations’ stationary/letterhead and include a general overview of the organization’s event with complete contact information.
  2. Be received at least 4 weeks prior to the event
  3. Include the date, time, location and specific needs for the event.

These requests can be emailed to or fax to 713-300-5763.

Our Community Relations Coordinator will contact you to confirm availability.